Random Photo Wednesday

Ok, so I lied ... I really do promise that my next post (or shortly thereafter) will be a wonderful post on the wedding.

Man, Wednesdays seem to approach at a rapid pace ever since I began "Random Photo Wednesday". It’s like before I know it another Wednesday is creeping on up. I might as well start the decision process on Monday night, because I am spending way too much time trying to decide which picture I love the most. I guess the dilemma is that I have too many that I love.

Internet ... I would like for you to meet Marybeth and her nephew, Cooper. Not only is Coop Mary's nephew, he is also the son of our lovely friend, Candice.

To me, this shot is absolute cuteness! I like to think that I snapped this picture not a minute to early and not a second too late. If it would have been a second later, you would have seen Marybeth yelling at her brother, Pat to come and get the barfy mini-me.

Believe me; I am sure for whatever reason Marybeth deserved the pukin'.

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