Bring On The Cool Front, Dr. Neil Frank

Thank you for all the well wishes sent to Leah. It makes me happy to know that there are so many people that care and love for her as much as I do. For a quick update, she is still in the crummy hospital hooked up to magnesium and is receiving steroid shots every 12 hours. She is a little more dilated than what the doctors originally thought and poor thing is already 70 freaking percent effaced. Yes, that sucks BIG time. Her contractions were getting closer together last night, so we hope and pray that they slow down soon and that the little one decides to cook a little longer. If her contractions do slow down there is a chance she may be able to be on bed rest from home. Let’s all keep our little fingers crossed! Again, I appreciate all of the sweet emails and calls; I know it means a ton to Leah as well. Don’t worry I’ll keep you guys updated.


In the mean time … here are some pictures of a kid you have never seen before. It has been a lazy Sunday, and we have been enjoying every second of it.

Cole1 - 12 Weeks



Cole3 - 12 Weeks



Cole2 - 12 Weeks



Dana said...

That is the most adorable baby that I have seen in a very long time...since my own were that little:) I really need to squeeze those cheeks in person one day soon! What are ya'll doing for Thanksgiving? Will you be in Tomball?

Ali said...

What an amazing hat! Someone super trendy must have got that for him;)

kimberly oliver said...

that first one in the hat is totally awesome!! he just ssssoooo precious. i want to meet him one day before he's 12, i've just got to get my kids well before we can come for a visit. take care and give Cole a big, fat, juicy sugar (that is code for kiss in our house) from me!!!!