Pray For Leah

Today my sister, mother and I went in for our OBGYN appointments. This was for Leah's 27 week appointment, my 6 week post partum check up (oops, I was 5 weeks late) and for my Mom’s enjoyment. I was called in first and since we are the annoying girls that we are, we begged for us to go in together. The doctor checked me out first and listened to me bitch about my crummy anesthesiologists that screwed up my back, and then it was Leah’s turn to hop on the table (yes, they changed the paper sheet on the table).  Leah joked about having “fake” contractions that were getting her ready for birth, but the doctor seemed to take these symptoms very seriously. Come to find out she is already 1 centimeter dilated and having contractions 4 minutes apart. She was admitted to the hospital immediately and has been there since. I am going back in the morning to check up on her and will have more news then. Please keep her, David and Baby Wood in your prayers tonight.



She Likes Purple said...

I am praying for the whole family, Lane. I am just about as far along as she is, so I understand how scared she must be feeling. Please keep us posted.


Kerri Noskrent said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you all. I know she and the baby will be fine, as God answers when he is called upon.


kimberly oliver said...

I will keep her and her's in my prayers... there is so much we can do with medicine these days and with faith in the Lord, guiding the doctors, they all will be fine. If ya'll need anything, call....
kim oliver