Artsy Fartsy

Before I quit my job I started a list of things that I wanted to do with my spare time. To say the least, I have been going a little nuts with my projects. Each time Pook comes home from work he he worried that I have painted another lamp or ruined another wall. Since my life, is well, rather uneventful these days, I thought I would share some of my recent projects.


 A while back I went and took pictures at this really cool/old cemetery in town. The pictures turned out great and I wanted to display them somewhere. I decide to print out two pictures of old crosses and one picture of an angel and framed them above our bed. By the way, one of the crosses was right next to Howard Hughes grave, anyways that's beside the point but I thought you were all dying to know that random little fact. Anyways, after I framed them, I was unimpressed. I guess because the images were only 5X5's with a huge mat, it kind of drowned out the picture. 








So here was my first project. You like? I got the idea from the magazine Real Simple. Every now and again I come across fun things in that mag. All I did was take our profiles. Copy the onto a black acid free paper and frame them in the same 12X12 frames that I already had with a piece of scrapbook paper behind them. Super easy, you should try it.


Jaimie said...

I LOVE the profiles!!! Maybe youcan do them for mi familia. Hey I have a project for you.....taking pics of random things that spell out PULIDO. Remember we talked about that a long time ago, so jump on it and show me what you've got when you get it...i'll be waiting THANKS!!

Jen said...

How neat!! I'll have to check it out in person too.