Fun With Pictures

Do you remember a while back I posted pictures that looked like letters that spelled out my last name? If not, you can find it here. I think it turned out really cute so I framed the images in black and white and framed them for Cole's nursery.


Anyways, my friend Jaimie asked me to do the same for her last name. Since I don' have many other exciting things going on these days, I thought I would share with you guys. Oh yeah, and I also did it for her because she is just about the coolest fellow red head that I have ever met. You're welcome for the shout out Jaimie, now get back to work!!!


P - Outside the courtyard at a hotel in San Antonio

U - Cole's bath toy

L - Bamboo

I - Candlestick we got as a wedding present

D - My sister's beautiful smile (Leah, I bet you never thought your mouth would be used for a D)....we'll not that kind of D! Oh, yes I did!

O - A cookie from my 100 calorie pack I had this morning for breakfast




Jaimie said...

Ah thanks for the shout out Lane, you ROCK!!! And I love the pic thanks so very much!

Annye said...

I have always wanted to do that! Can't believe you beat me to it. Now I'm encouraged to try it too. It stead of Townsend maybe I'll just do Lily since she is my new favorite person.

Christina said...

I want to do that with DUNLAP! If I was home... I would pay you to do it! Fun stuff!

Kelly said...

LOVE this idea! We actually did this with the letters in the index of the Evergreen yearbook my senior year on staff, it was so fun looking for all the letters. I'll have to try it out with my own name!