Random Photo Wednesday : Oh Hey Sweet Lady, You're Cute And All, But So Are My Ducks That I Love To Eat Edition

As you can see, my son is hording all the toys. Oh great, looks like it' s time for a sharing lesson.


P.S. Do you know how difficult it is to get two children under the age of one to look at the camera at the same time? VERY DIFFICULT. But I still think this turned out cute.

1-20.jpg picture by Lanie5411


Dana said...

This is exactly why I want you to take family photos of us! When Wyatt and Mason were 6 weeks old we took them to Sears for photos. Wyatt is screaming, Mason is looking at the camera, and my mom's hand holding a rubber duck is in the photo. That was just the start of our stream of bad photos. Hudson is starting to sit up on his own:)

Jen said...

Ha, that's too cute :) Seriously, if you don't find the picture you were looking for yesterday, we can try again. She is a totally different today