Brian & Audrey Engagement Session

I'm not sure if it's just me, or if you girls can relate ... There are a few (okay many) guy friends that I have from high school that I hold very dear to my heart. Even though I don't talk to to all of them on a regular basis, I always want them to know that I cherish their friendships and I am so lucky to have so many great guy friends (almost as many girlfriends).  I always dread having to meet their girlfriends, yet alone their future wives because I'm afraid that I will find something wrong with them, or quite frankly I'm way more frightened that I will find that the girl is not good enough for my friend. Even though I haven't talked to Brian in way to long, he is just that kind of guy that you picked up where you left off. I spent many summers life-guarding with Brian and even went the prom with him. Great friend all around. Anyways, I was a bit nervous about meeting his fiance, but dude, she totally kicks ass. It's such a relief knowing that your friends are going to be just fine. And with Brian and Audrey, I know that they will be more than just fine. They were so much fun and I had a great time getting to know Audrey. Sorry Brian, but I must admit I might like Audrey more than I like you. Oh I kid, but what can I say, she's the bomb-diggity!



BA54.jpg picture by Lanie5411



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Brian being crazy

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Kelly said...

What a fun looking shoot! I really love the colors, especially that wall.

Brian said...

Thank you so much for the kind words. It is hard to believe that we go that far back! Audrey and myself were so excited to work with you on our engagement photos. You have a special talent when it comes to capturing that "special moment", but more importantly you are a better friend. Keep up the good work!!

Polly said...

Love the photos...so fresh & unique. You both look so happy.