Just For You, You And You ... And Well, Maybe Me Too

"Part of my journey is going the wrong way. Life doesn't come with a road map, so you're bound to take a few missteps. This month, don't get upset when you realize the guy you're dating isin't for you, your new job is awful, or the city you moved to feels all wrong; see those mistakes as chances to learn. Knowing what you didn't like will let you figure out what you do want - and help you wind up in the right place."   ---- Jared Matthew Weiss


Kelly said...

Um, are you reading my mind? I'm a mess of uncertainty right now and it's nice to be reminded that not only is it normal, but it's what leads to satisfaction. Thank you, oh wise one.

Pampi said...

Your journey is going in the right direction - your brain just hasn't adjusted yet! Like motion sickness, its all spinning around. Sorry about the gratuitous barfing - been there, done done done it - and yes it was worse for me with the female chikas. It's a good thing you are an amazing woman, and we all know you are going to end up in a great place - just not exactly where you thought you'd be!