Will There Be a Dingy? Or No Dingy?

I'm here to answer the question a few of you have asked concerning the sex of the baby. The answer is, it depends! If we stay in our current house, we will not find out the sex of the baby. If we move to a bigger crib, I will be tempted to find out the sex, because if it's a girl, I kind of want to go ape shit and make her room retardly girly. Now that I think about it, even if we do move I will be tempted not to find out just because it was just the coolest thing ever finding out on the actual birth day that the baby I carried for 9 hellish months was a little boy.  I will never forget the feeling that I felt when I saw his little bitty baby dong hanging out. I couldn't believe he was a boy, Pook and I were so happy that our wish came true.

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