This Is The Life

I feel a tad bit guilty, but at the same time I'm so grateful that I am able to do exactly what I'm doing just this second. Just to make myself feel better, need I remind you guys that I am growing another being inside of me right now? I have an excuse ... sort of!


This has been my day so far ...


- Went over to Leah's this morning to hang out

- We ran errands together

- Stopped by Dad's work to say hi

- Got our eyebrows threaded

- Picked up lunch (warm goat cheese salad, yum)

- Laid on the couch after we ate

- Leah just ran up to the store

- Both babies are fast asleep

- I just crawled into Leah's super comfy bed (that was freshly made)

- Just finished a piece of pound cake in bed (sorry Leah, I promise there were no crumbs involved)

- Currenty watching  Ellen and blogging from my iphone



I could totally get used to this! Now if you will excuse me, a nap is calling my name. Not all days are this good, but if they were I just might be the happiest and laziest girl alive.


P.S. Pook if you're reading this...I promise somdays I am actually productive, maybe just not today

P.S.S. To make this day more perfectly perfect, The Wood's are babysitting tonight while we go out for our anniversary. Best. Day. Ever.


Kat said...

Luke and I had so much fun hanging out at Leah's this morning!!!

Tam said...

"Happy Anniversary Lane!" hope you guys enjoyed your night out on the town.

Ours is in a week and we are cruising to the Bahamas!!!!!!!" will bring back pictures....lots of them.

Have a good one.