Welcome To The Lane Harris Photography Studio

The studio is 95% finished. Pictures coming soon of the completed room. I just need to finish a few things here and there and order some canvases and fine art photo murals for the walls. Here are some picture from my first photo shoot in the studio. My first customer was the fabulous, Cole Ethan Harris, what a doll that baby is.  Yes, that is a Shipley's donut in my son's hand. I swear that is the last time I will step foot in that donut shop, at least for the next 8 months. I only cheated with a small itty bitty nibble off of Cole' s red sprinkle donut. He is definitely a Russell child, in that he LOOOVES his sweets


 10MonthCollage_Page000.jpg picture by Lanie5411




I'm actually making one of the pictures from this photo shoot into a fine art  mural for above my desk in the studio.  This is the picture that I ordered. You likey?


 DSC_638624x24.jpg picture by Lanie5411




In case you're wondering, here is what I am talking about when I say fine art mural. You guys can order one  too, that's if you all hurry up and book your sessions already!


1FineArtMuralcopy-1.jpg picture by Lanie5411



Dana said...

Now that Hudson can sit up on his own, Shane is unemployed...someday we'll do family photos! Seriously, as soon as Shane is back on a payroll I'll be calling.

Kelly said...

I am in love with that blue chair! That's a great shot of Cole in it. Can't wait to see the finished studio.

Jessica said...

I was just wondering where you purchased your curtains for your sons nursery. I googled nursery curtains and somehow found your blog. I'm wanting similar curtains for my baby girl's nursery. Please let me know where you got them.

Lane said...

Hi Jessica,
I found Cole's curtains at Pottery Barn Kids. I bought them about a year ago and they were on sale then, so I'm not sure if they will still have them. I don't think they have them online, but if I were you, I wouljd check a Pottery Barn Outlet center. They sometimes have older stuff. Happy decorating your daughters nursery.

Christina said...

when i have a kid... consider yourself booked for photos! these are so very cute!