And Then There Was One

She is the only weenie we have left. Poor little girl misses her friends, especially her BFF, Habib.

JackieO.jpg picture by Lanie5411



Back when Swazie's life was complete. From left to right ... Swazie, Sarah, Abby, Sally. Picture taken about four years ago. So much can change in so little time.



 R.I.P. Sarah Beara. I really did like you, a little.




R.I.P. Habibin, I miss you LOTS




R.I.P. Sally Bear, I miss you! You were the best dog one could ask for.




Dana said...

Sorry to hear about Sarah. I remember when she was born.

Jamie said...

Awwww, makes me so sad :(

Misha said...

Aww so sad. I'm sure my mom would let you borrow Latte.

Elizabeth said...

Lane...keri told me you were having another baby, congrats!! i couldnt resist writing a comment about those precious pics; we just got a mini weiner and i am so in love, they are so funny! btw, do u live in rice military? it looks lke it from pics, we live on Lillian off of Washington. Congrats again, and Cole is too cute!