Letter To My Fetus

Dear Lima Bean,


Congratulations. Today marks your 11 weeks of-a-cookin' day! That means you are no longer a gummy embryo and have blossomed into a thriving fetus. Good job little one, way to hang in there.


It's your lucky day because you have finally earned your official gestation name. I contemplated numerous names, such as french fry, string bean and George Washington. Nothing seemed to fit other than my very own lima bean. Plus, I learned my lesson by naming your brother the tator tot, and I gained weight like I ate tator tot's every damn meal. You can see why I didn't want to jinx myself once again by naming you french fry.


As of 11 weeks, the most critical stage of development is over! Wheeeeew! What a relief. Good job developing little one. Let the rapid growth stage begin. You are measuring 1.5 inches from your crown to rump. You’re about the size of a fig and Mama’s uterus is about the size of a grape fruit. Grape Fruit, I would like to introduce you to Lima Bean. You guys have fun getting to know each other and I better not hear any legume/fruit arguments you hear?


Love, Your Mama




Carrie said...

I look forward to your posts everyday. Thanks for making me crack up everytime. It's my favorite thing to wake up to! I'm glad to hear you and your little lima bean are doing well.

Leah said...

Hi Fetus!! I think you are a GIRL!!! :o)
A little Lane!!

Dana said...

One of the twins was Lima Bean too:) The other was Green Bean. I am not sure which was which, but I sometimes call Wyatt my little Green Bean. Wierd, huh?