Patient Much?

I have no clue what my problem is with this pregnancy, but I am having a very difficult time with standing by my decision to not find out the sex of the baby. I have no idea how I went 9 long months of not knowing if Cole was a boy of a girl. Actually, I do know how I did it. Before I ever even became pregnant I psyched myself out by telling myself over and over again, “Lane if you ever become pregnant, you will not find out the sex, you will not find out the sex, you will not find out the sex, you WILL find out the sex … NO LANE YOU ARE BETTER THAN THAT, stay strong …. You will not find out the sex.” And vbatta-boom I stuck with it. I really didn’t find the need to find out the gender because I was 99.9% positive that Cole was a girl, just because the girl vibes were sent to my bloated brain. Oops!


Back to this pregnancy, I need a sign! Universe come on … I’m impatiently waiting on a sign that this baby will wear blue or pink. Come on universe work with me here!


I think I have an idea as to why I am feeling this way. (Lima Bean this is where you might want to close your ears, um that’s it they are working already!). I feel like I wasn’t able to pump myself up before hand like I did last time, because to be honest, our little Lima Bean came as a little surprise. Ok, maybe not a little surprise, but a GINORMOUS surprise. That’s not to say that we aren’t elated with joy, because we so are. That really is my lame excuse as to why I can’t stick with it this time around and a way to explain my hormonal, whacked out, persistence brain of mine.


Its not that I care if we get a sweet little boy or girl, it just that I need to know! So weird of me to act like this, I know. Seriously, it’s not like I can even wait another minute, yet alone 7 dreary months.


I was in Walgreen’s yesterday and ran across the “Intelligender – Boy or Girl Gender Predictor Kit”. I didn’t even ask it to, but it jumped off the shelf and into my cart. Pook just rolled his eyes when he saw it in my shopping bag. Whatev, I want him to try and battle off the excessive feelings of needing to know!


You have to use fresh morning pee, so I have to wait until the morning … results coming soon.


Week 11, test 


Are there any readers that have used this? Or has anyone heard anything about it ... good or bad? Please do tell.


Stephanie said...

I just heard about this yesterday and was wondering whether or not to try it. I'm curious about your results! I've read mixed reviews on the accuracy but it would still be fun to do. I go in about a month for a 16 week ultrasound to learn the gender! I can't wait!

Dana said...

Just find out this time around. The birth is a really cool experience either way. Plus, if it is a girl you might want to get a head start on some girly clothes. There isn't a baby shower second time around, ya know.

Ashley Moses said...

FIND OUT! I can't wait to find out the sex of our baby on Friday!! You waited for the first and it was so cool, now make a new tradition with the second! :) And yes, I have another friend that took this test you are talking about and it was accurate. It said she was having a boy and it was a boy!