Sunless Tanner Review

Now that summer is almost over, I thought I would go ahead and grace you guys the outcome of the tanning products. Some of the products were so shitty they are not even worth mentioning. ... that's you Loreal' Sublime Bronze, you suck! But one product that is worth mentioning is the beauty below.


Sunless Self-Tanning Lotion

by Fake Bake

z5.jpg picture by Lanie5411


The label said to wear gloves when applying, but who really follows those directions anyways? Apparently everyone, except me because I don't see others walking around with black palms. This stuff is dark, dark brown! Not much of a scent, just a tad of stank, compared to the huge stank other products have. I spludged out a handful and began to apply to my left arm. When I went to get more I took a look at my hand and I could tell that this was not going to be good. It was already starting look like I was from the African American decent. I immediately began scrubbing my hands, but there was no hope. I had a feeling that I'd be stuck with the brown palms for a good while .. and that I was. On the plus side, I could see exactly where I had applied the product and  it was easy to apply. I am investing in some gloves and will give the bad boy a good test the next time around.


... Couple Of Days Later ...


I bought gloves and tried this product once again, and I was instantly in love. The color stayed with me for at least a week and it was the perfect tan, not too orange. I have now tried all the tanning products and this, my friends, is by far my favorite. Hands down. Of course there are down falls to every product, and my only complaint I have is the price. Of course it was the most expensive of all the products, but in this situation I agree with what they say ...  you get what you pay for! The end.

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