I have a confession to make. The majority of the time I shoot in aperture priority. I know, I know this is so not "professional" but hey, it works for me and sometimes I think I'm pretty darn good when shooting in this mode. A while back my friend Kelly suggested that I give full manual mode a shot. For some reason, manual mode makes me nervous. I have shot in manual many times before but I was never really crazy with the results. Today while at the pumpkin patch, I decided to take a chance and threw it in manual. It's way more difficult, but much more entertaining and rewarding than aperture priority. Sometimes it's fun to step out and try new things.


Warning: the following pictures a whole lot of the same baby, a whole lot of the same pumpkins and a whole lot of the same day...but I just wanted to show off some of ny newest skills. Not the best, but I'm getting there.




He wouldn't look at the camera because he was too busy checking out the school girls.

















Dana said...

Those are great! I think Cole needs to have a chat with his cousin about the pumpkins being okay:)

Kelly said...

You did so well! I love the composition of the third one from the bottom, and all are perfectly exposed- you tackled manual just fine. I promise, once you get in the habit of manual, you'll never go back. Now I'm afraid to shoot in other modes because I don't have enough control. And I'm pretty controlling.

theolivebar said...

These are great! You'll notice how much more you can get in manual than other modes, because there is a delay in the others. This can cause you to miss that split second when he's looking at the camera or reacting to something happening. The professional photographers I've met only shoot in manual for this reason.

When are you going to take our pictures????!

Tam said...

Cole looks so happy and excited about pumpkin hunting. He is just to handsome. Wait until you get phone calls in the middle of the night (little girls) calling for the Cole man!