One Down, One To Go

Ever since we returned from Ohio, I have been quite busy transforming two rooms in our house. You would think that since I'm only having one baby that I would just need to do one room, but you see sometimes I like to make things difficult. I decided to make Cole's old nursery the little girls room and then I moved Cole into another room. I hate unfinished products and this project has been driving me up the walls. Usually, I like to pick a theme/color scheme and go with it and get the decorating over with. I blame my hormones, because for some reason I can't make up my mind on Birtha's nursery. I think part of it is that I want it to be prefect but sometimes I need to step back and chill the hell out. Today I took my first "chill the hell out" day and only worked on the nursery's half of the day. Pictures coming soon, once everything is in place.  Basically the reason I'm telling you guys all of this, is because I thought you should know that it may be a while before I'm a constant blogger again; I'm hoping that I can get everything done by this weekend.


One decision that I did make was baby girls bedding. It took me way too long to decide something so simple, but I'm happy with the results. Below are pictures of the beddings that were up for the running. Can you guess which one I picked?


 nursery 5



nursery 3


 nursery 4


  nursery 2



Bedding 1 


Sarah said...

i bet you picked the last one!

Kelly said...

My bet is pink and green, too!

kathleen said...

my vote is the last one as well!

Kenna said...

I vote the last one as well. P.S. I decided that before I read the other votes!