Damn Gina!

Man, you guys really surprised me with the results from my last post. Part of me wonders if you all guessed the last bedding set just because it looks more like a homemade picture and part of me wonders if y'all picked this set because it's the best of the best. Then the part of me that is normal, and sane, and not freaking out over a stupid room reminds myself that who the hell cares! And then the Lane that is not normal, and not sane and very hormonal thinks to herself ... oh shit, 4 wrong votes ... this has to be a sign, is it too late to cancel my order?  Let's all take a second and remember that this is not the normal and sane Lane thinking. Anyways, wow I just went off on nothing now didn't I? What I was meaning to say was that every single one of you were wrong. I ended up choosing the Serena & Lily, Lucy bedding set (picture #3). Remember when I posted my dream bedding a while back? Well this is it. This goes to show that when in doubt, go with your gut. If I would have gone with my first instinct a while back I could have saved a hell of a lot of wasted time. But I do admit, I did have some fun shopping around. Oh yeah, and now I remember why I didn't go with my gut at first...because the bedding was outrageously priced and I couldn't afford it! I searched high and low and was able to swing a few deals. Found the crib skirt on eBay. This piece was used, but that is fine by me. No baby ever touches their ass, hair or grubby fingers to a crib skirt anyways. I was also able to get the fitted sheet and diaper changing cover on eBay as well (both new). Basically the only items that I am paying regular price for are the bumper and the crib blanket. Boooyyaah, yes I am so very prod of my bargaining skills!  This goes to show you if there is a will, there's a way.


Now onto the nursery chair. The chair. Oh dear lord, the chair! Who would have ever guessed that picking out fabric could so difficult? Those of you that picked the last bedding set, you were not totally off. I decided to recover an old wing back chair that my parents had in that same polka dot material pictured in the last bedding set. Ok, enough with the explaining already. How about I just let the pictures do the talking for a better mental picture?



 The Lucy bedding swatch. Looks yellow in the picture, but it's really a light green. 

color swatch


This is the bedding. It's hard to tell, but the fabric on top of the bumper is white with watermelon polka dots. I love the extra personalized touch, by adding the monogram to the bumper. I plan to do the same type of monogram as shown in the picture, that's if we decide on a name already! Does anyone know of a monogram place that does letters as well as artsy looking embellishments like the one shown below? If so, hook a homegirl up with the name of the shop.

lucy bedding



 The bedding,once again. Love the chandelier. Has anyone ran into something like this lately? I dont have the slighted clue as to where I would even start to look for something like this.

nursery 4



Changing pad changing cover

I forgot to take a picture of the wing back chair before I sent it to the reupholstery place, but here is a picture that I found off the internet. The only difference is that ours was pink.


wing back

 This is the fabric I'm using to recover the chair. We are also painting the brown legs white.


tutti frutti



I found an ottoman for $15 at Goodwill and I'm still trying to decide if I should get it recovered in the same fabric. I mean, who really uses an ottoman anyways? I rarely used the one in Cole's nursery, but I feel like it adds to the look of the room.


I'm currently working on ghetto rigging two lamps that I also bought at Goodwill. That leaves me with the curtains and the rug to figure out next. Any suggestions?


I just realized that this post makes me look like I need to get a life and chill out with the whole decorating ideas already. I know, I know but it's just so much fun for me! Plus I have been looking forward to decorating a little girls room for ages now. That's not to say that I have always been looking forward to having a little girl, but we will not get into that tonight. You know what else I just realized? I'm up past 11:00pm for the second night in a row! What has gotten into me these days? I'm beat ... off to bed, night.


Kelly said...

haha, i'll admit, part of my guess was because it looked like a picture you took of your own crib. But, it also reminded me of the colors and whimsical feeling of the way your name was written on the wall of the studio. But we were all close with that color scheme! Can't wait to see the finished product, it's great that you're having so much fun with it!

Christina said...

I love it all! when and if i have a kid, i am getting you to decorate the room :) Beth's parents have a shop in Katy that will do the monogram for you... its called Brammers Athletics . That is if you want to drive out there... they did all my work shirts for me and for cheap.