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Dear “Claudmia”,

Thank you so much for your honest opinion, I needed to hear that. Next time though, maybe you could call and talk to me, as I know who you are, thanks to modern technology. Again, I appreciate your opinion but at the same time I thought we were good enough friends where you would have simply picked up the phone to call instead of leaving three anonymous comments.

Your Friend,



Claudmia said...

Dear Lane,
I must say I'm a little flattered for getting called out on your blog. I'm sure most people don't know what you're talking about though. To fill everybody in, I made some pretty rude remarks in several comments I left about Random Fact #20 (or 21...). I don't believe you ever posted them for everyone to see, however. I notice you've changed your post since then and I'm much more comfortable with the revised version. I hope you are as well.
I'm sorry for making such strong remarks. When I read your first edition of the post as it came across my Google Reader, I was absolutely furious. I've been following your blog for a while now and love it - the pictures are awesome, you have great things to say, and it's generally a fun little something to read as a distraction while I'm at work. But when this post came across, it went totally against everything I'd seen so far, and frankly, it made me pretty mad (in case you couldn't tell!) So I commented. I would have called, but seeing as we've never actually spoken, much less met... I don't have your number. :)

I guess the point I was trying (poorly) to make in my hot-headed response was that you can never be sure who is reading your blog. Who knows... 10 years from now, some jerky kid could pull this up and show it to your daughter. (AWFUL!) You can't just post anything you want on a blog praying that it doesn't fall into the wrong hands. It IS the internet... anyone can read it and do whatever they want with the information they find.
Again, I'm sorry for saying the terrible things I said. If you're ever in NC, let me know - maybe I can take you and your family out for an apology dinner :)

From your faithful reader,

Erin said...

That sucks! Sometimes, I just don't get people. And, whatever happened to if you don't have anything nice to say then don't say it at all. I just don't get why people feel like they have to leave mean comments!