1 of 25

I know you are all aware of the "25 Things About Me" application floating around Facebook. Well I swore I didn't have time to complete it all in one day, so here we are at day one. I will put all of my readers through 25 days of hell, giving one informative statement about myself per day. Sounds like so much fun, huh? From here on out I expect to lose about 25 readers per day, but whatever my Mama's got my back.  And quite frankly I think she might enjoy the next 24 days.


Fact #1 :  One time, I had a doctor fart in my face.


It went down like this...

- My Brother and I were rollerblading in Aspen.

- He pushed me down a hill.

- I fell and broke three fingers.

- My Dad took me to the ER.

- The doctor had me lay down on the exam table while my dad and he observed my X-rays.

- Table was located in front of X-Ray light deal

- Table was same height as doctor's arse.

- Doctor farted.

- Lane gagged.

- It was not a small airy fart.

- It was a ripe ass fart.

- The end.

- I bet you can barely wait until tomorrow's fact-o-about-Lane-o.


Dana said...

One of your facts needs to be about how you feed your kid!

Ali said...

LOL. Dana did tell me about your feeding technique. Straight hilarious.

Carrie said...

well, what the heck I want to know???