TODAY IS PRETTY MUCH THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE! Well not the best, but pretty damn close.


For those that don’t already know, I am obsessed with Kelly Ripa. Well today, I went to check mail and founded the greatest surprise ever! TICKETS TO LIVE WITH REGIS AND KELLY!


They are taping the show in New Orleans and guess who is going? ME!


I have tried to get tickets at least 5 times before and was never successful. I guess my creative/crazy note that I included enticed the ticket chooser person.


I only got two tickets, so I’m having a hard time deciding to bring. You guys all better be super nice to me, cause I have to pick someone soon. YEEEEHHHH HAWWW I’M SO PUMPED!




Kathleen said...

3 letters: BFF

Dana said...

I hope you get to do the dancing behind the shadow screen!! Are they going to have that in New Orleans?

Kenna said...

Lane, I told you I would babysit annnnyyy time....U might want to do something veerryy nice for me so I continue to offer my services.....just a thought

Sarah said...

now you totally are dis-regarding my baysitting skills...BUT i am so ready and down for it....unless i happen to be the chosen "one." Otherwise..........IF i am in i town i want to be your mamacita!!!! ASAP!

Jen said...

WOW!!! I'm pea green with envy.