Random Fact #14 : More Than Half Way Through Our List

Ok, since you guys brought it up I decided to share. I don’t think it’s interesting and I was not planning on using it in my 25 facts, but as you can see, my 25 fact list as come to a sudden halt these days.




Random Fact #14 :  Nursing bras and I don’t get along. This means that when I feed Cole, I have to completely take off my shirt for every single feeding.




It usually doesn’t even cross my mind as being unusual, that is until I feed him in front of other people. They are all…."um, why are you stripping down in front of me”?




Just in case you are wondering, I am also not very good at pumping with a shirt on either. This makes for a crazy day if I decide to wear a dress to work. There were times that I sat in the pumping room with nothing but my tights on, just a-pumpin’ away.  I would get totally freaked out that someone was going to walk in. Lucky me this is no longer an issue, because I have begun the weaning process. I hear freedom bells ringing!

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