They say no two pregnancies are alike, and now I believe it 100%. I felt nauseous from time to time when I was pregnant with Cole, but it was nothing like this. I am barfing up anything and everything. That's my excuse for not blogging for the past few days. I have a feeling this baby is a girl, and this is not a good sign that (maybe?) baby girl is already screwing around with Mama.


Just in case you needed to know, this has been my view for the past week. And yes, my commode is that dirty. And no I don't plan on cleaning it anytime soon. Any volunteers?




She Likes Purple said...

Are you going to find out what this one is? I hope you feel better soon. Zofran and then Reglan became a constant for me for 8 months of my pregnancy.

Dana said...

It could be twins:)