Random Photo Wednesday : Angel Food Cake Is The Devil Edition

I haven't been to hungry for food lately, as it always comes up soon after I eat. Well I take that back, I'm starving, but I refuse to pig out on a big meal, because I know what the end result will be. The one thing I felt like my tummy could handle was angel devil food cake. What the hell is an angel food cake pan anyways? It was a huge mess and the smell from the burnt oven has sent me running to the toilet two times already.


p.s. Thanks for the drug recomendations Jennie. I'm waiting on my doctor to call in those perscriptions for me, and he better hurry his ass up, or else I may kill over and croak any day now.


Angel Food Cake


Misha said...

Poor thing. Take the easy way out - You can buy Angel, I'm sorry, Devil Food Cake for less than $5 at Krogers and it won't leave your house smelling like burnt sugar! :-)
Hope your day gets better!

Dana said...

Stay away from any bread product! It is the hardest thing ever to throw up. Also stay away from spaghetti for the same reason. Don't worry, you will feel better soon.