In 2010 I plan to ...

Now that it's getting close to February, I thought I should bust out the old list.

In 2010 I plan to ...

1. cook more.

2. relax.

3. attend church more.

4. enjoy the outside air.

5. capture less memories on film; instead I plan to simply enjoy the milestones unfolding and let the memories soak in. (believe it or not, this is a goal of mine)

6. give Swazie the love she deserves ... I can start by taking her back from my parents and welcoming her into our home with open arms.

7. get down to my goal weight, and love myself and my body along the way.

8. continue to love my husband & truly take advantage of all the new memories that we will make together.

9. learn to say "no" to things I'd rather not do.

10. love more.

11. dance more.

12. worry less about what others think.

13. pray often.

14. live for the moment and worry less about the future.

15. thank God more.

16. drink more water.

17. rest when there is time.

18. booze more, must make up for my lost 18 months of soberness.

19. splurge on chocolate without feeling guilty.

20. buy flowers more often.

21. one word, patience.

22. shop less.

23. be more honest with myself.

24. after typing #23, i think i will go ahead and remove #22 from the list.

25. live each day like it's the last.

26. love even numbers; can't think of another goal. yikkkes! ok let's see ... ummm ... let's just say, work out more just for the sake of 26.

Now lets hear it, what do you plan on accomplishing this year?


Katie said...

Lane...you forgot one...#27 can be to get your cat back from the pound! :) You're mom would be so happy you did.

Lane said...

Oh Katie, did you really have to bring it up? And for the record, it was the SPCA!

Jen said...

Good goals!! And hey, you are one step ahead of me...at least you have a list. This is my first time in years that I haven't sat done to do mine. One of mine would be to plan more play dates and make time for friends without the little ones - I still want to organize a mom's night out something soon!